OpenAI ventures into Hollywood with its Sora AI video generator

The AI startup aims to partner with filmmakers and integrate its AI video generator, Sora, into their work. Still, many are concerned regarding its impact on various professions within the industry.

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OpenAI is making strides to penetrate the entertainment industry, particularly Hollywood, with its new AI video generator. The startup has scheduled meetings with major studios, media executives, and talent agencies in Los Angeles to forge partnerships and promote the integration of its technology into filmmaking. This initiative follows recent outreach efforts, including introductory sessions led by COO Brad Lightcap, who showcased Sora, an unreleased service capable of generating lifelike videos based on text prompts.

Although Sora is not yet available to the public, OpenAI has granted access to select actors and directors, sparking interest and curiosity in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The company emphasises collaboration with the industry to ensure the safe implementation of AI advancements and to provide insights into future possibilities. However, the use of AI in entertainment has stirred debate and concerns, particularly regarding its impact on various professions within the industry.

Why does it matter?

Screenwriters and actors have raised concerns about potential job displacement due to the rise of generative AI services. Unions have secured safeguards for how AI is utilised in production, while media companies negotiate compensation for using their content in training AI models. Moreover, in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, OpenAI faces competition from tech giants like Meta Platforms Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and other well-funded startups.

While companies like Runway AI Inc. have already introduced text-to-video services that are widely adopted in production and animation studios, OpenAI’s Sora remains in the research preview stage, with pricing yet to be determined. As AI continues to reshape various industries, particularly entertainment, the dialogue between technology developers and creative professionals will be essential to address challenges and maximise the potential of AI in filmmaking.