Parler partially returned online with the support of a Russian internet provider

The social network Parler entered into business with Russian hosting services company DDoS-Guard with the aim of returning online. With the support of DDoS-Guard, Parler has put online a webpage stating that ‘our return is inevitable’. So far, DDoS-Guard supports only a temporary webpage for the social network. Parler’s Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Wernick said the company prefers to have an American hosting service, according to the New York Times


After supporters of former President Donald Trump invaded the Capitol, Twitter and Facebook suspended Trump from their platforms. That encouraged many supporters to use Parler, which by the time it was taken down, had more than 15 million users. Amazon removed Parler from its computer servers for not removing violent third-party content. Likewise, Apple and Google also suspended Parler from their app stores for violating their policies.