Reddit launches ‘Mod Helper Program’ to address moderator discontent

The initiative aims to reward moderators who provide valuable advice to their peers and enhance the overall support ecosystem.

Reddit is introducing the ‘Mod Helper Program’ to reward moderators who offer helpful advice to fellow moderators and is updating its moderator help center. This initiative is in response to the growing dissatisfaction among moderators, who had previously relied on third-party apps shut down due to Reddit’s API pricing changes. These pricing changes led to tensions between Reddit and moderators, making some subreddits private as a protest.

The Mod Helper Program operates on a tiered system where moderators earn trophies and flairs for helpful advice. As for the moderator help center, Reddit created the Modmail Answer Bot, which offers relevant links to the Help Center and creates support tickets, if necessary, to streamline moderator requests.

While Reddit has attempted to provide moderation tools, they are often seen as insufficient and inaccessible. Some users are critical of the Mod Helper Program, expressing concerns that automation might hinder interaction with real people. In response to user feedback, an admin mentioned that Reddit’s product teams are addressing issues raised by moderators and are planning improvements to mobile features.

Why does it matter?

The moderator-platform discord isn’t confined to Reddit. Moderator dissatisfaction with their working conditions has escalated over time. TikTok faced accusations in Kenya, where a moderator claimed to suffer from PTSD due to their work and was allegedly unfairly dismissed for seeking better conditions. In another Kenyan instance, 184 moderators sued Meta for unfair dismissal tied to their union efforts. Sama recently expressed regret for its work’s emotional toll on former employees. As these concerns persist, digital platforms face mounting pressure to create safer, more supportive environments for content moderators.