RENIEC supported that integration between the civil registration and identification systems in Peru

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and the Centre of Excellence conducted a study on country study on Peru that investigates how integrating civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) with identity management systems is key to guaranteeing citizens’ access to rights and implementing better policies. The study aims to present one of the good practices for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals target 16.9 (provide legal identity for all, including birth registration). The study found that integration between CRVS was realised through the establishment of a single national agency: el Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil (RENIEC) which managed to achieve it through digital technology, and digitising civil registration, and identification records. It was also highlighted that for civil registration to be the backbone of identity management, RENIEC focused its efforts on a) constitutional independence and autonomy, b) digitized records, c) information exchange between public and private sectors, d) integration strategies combined with information technology, and e) online services at health facilities for birth and death certification and registration.