Rubio urges Biden to halt Huawei sales amidst Intel Chip controversy

Senator Marco Rubio calls on Biden administration to halt all sales to Huawei after the Chinese tech giant releases an AI-powered laptop with an Intel chip. Rubio criticizes Commerce Department for potential oversight, amplifying pressure to curb Huawei’s influence amidst espionage concerns.

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Republican Senator Marco Rubio is pressing the Biden administration to halt all transactions with Huawei in light of its introduction of an AI-capable laptop powered by an Intel chip. Rubio, along with Republican colleague Elise Stefanik, criticised the Commerce Department for potentially permitting Intel to supply chips to Huawei, alleging a lapse in enforcing export regulations against a company associated with the Chinese Communist Party.

This push intensifies the existing pressure on the administration to limit Huawei’s influence, as the company persists in its growth despite being placed on a trade restriction list in 2019 over espionage fears. Despite these restrictions, Huawei’s suppliers have secured substantial licenses to conduct business with the company, contributing to its resurgence. Detractors argue that these licenses have facilitated Huawei’s expansion, as evidenced by a recent surge in smartphone sales despite limitations on critical components.

Why does this matter?

The push by Rubio and other lawmakers underscores the political pressure on the Biden administration to take a firm stance against Huawei amidst ongoing tensions between the US and China. Huawei’s alleged ties to the Chinese government raise concerns about espionage and data security, particularly in the context of supplying critical infrastructure such as 5G networks