Russian and Kazakh Internet ranked among the cheapest in the world

A new study has revealed that Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Hungary, and Kazakhstan have the cheapest prices broadband Internet prices in the world. The news report stated the methodology used for the study was a comparison of average broadband prices as offered by the largest providers in 62 countries. 

The study found that 1 Mbps cost US$0.08 in Russia and US$0.11 in Kazakhstan, with monthly 100 Mbps broadband plans costing US$7.68 and US$11.21 respectively. Ukraine recorded the cheapest with an average price of US$0.06 for 1 Mbps, followed by Russia, Moldova (US$0.10), and Hungary (US$0.10).

South Africa was reported as the most expensive country with US$87.24 for a monthly 100 Mbps plan.