Singapore launches quantum computing initiatives

Singapore has introduced two initiatives for quantum computing advancement: The National Quantum Computing Hub to enhance capabilities and applications in collaboration with industry, and The National Quantum Fabless Foundry to develop microfabrication techniques. A budget of $23.5 million over 3.5 years will support these initiatives, complementing the National Quantum-Safe Network launched earlier for quantum-safe communication trials.

The government of Singapore has launched two national platforms dedicated to strengthening the country’s capabilities in quantum computing. The National Quantum Computing Hub will focus on developing quantum computing capabilities and exploring applications in collaboration with the industry, while the National Quantum Fabless Foundry will work on microfabrication techniques for quantum devices and enabling technologies. 
Together with the National Quantum-Safe Network – launched in February to conduct trials of quantum-safe communication technologies – the platforms will benefit from a budget of SG$23.5 million over the next 3.5 years under Singapore’s Quantum Engineering Programme.