Study finds racial disparities on the future of work in the US

The study “Racial differences on the future of work: a survey of the American Workforce” reveals that 38% of workers noticed increased use of technology on their work routine, while only 12% have reported more automation. White and Asian American workers experimented more technological change in their jobs than did Latino and African Americans. Racial disparities also exist in terms of expectations. 41% of Asian American workers have admitted seeing technology as a source of greater opportunities, while 24% of Black Americans see it as creating new employment chances. Racial differences also appeared in interest for spending money for technological training: More African Americans (24%) and Whites (19%) did not express interest to invest their own money in training than Latinos (15%) and Asian Americans (14%). American workers from across all ethnic groups see the federal government and employers as having greater responsibility for preparing the workforce for a changing economy.