Substack introduces report feature amid controversy

This development follows controversy surrounding Substack’s content moderation practices, including allegations of hosting white supremacist and Nazi newsletters.

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Newsletter platform Substack has added a ‘report’ button to its app, allowing users to flag content directly. This feature on the web version for the last four months permits users to report profiles and ‘Notes,’ Substack’s Twitter-like feature.

This update comes amid controversy over content moderation issues, with Substack accused of hosting white supremacist and Nazi newsletters, according to a November 2023 investigation by The Atlantic.

The ‘Substackers Against Nazis’ campaign, led by hundreds of publishers, questioned the company’s approach to promoting sites that traffic in white nationalism. Substack’s co-founder defended the platform’s stance against censorship despite growing concerns and prominent writers announcing their departure.

Why does it matter?

This new feature is part of Substack’s commitment to improving reporting tools and user moderation, following the platform’s removal of five publications that contained incitements to violence, violating the platform’s content rules. This move may signify a modest stride in rebuilding user trust, particularly in light of the recent platform departure.