Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019: Technology and innovation ‘can drive progress across all 17 SDGs’

The United Nations published the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019. The data-based report acknowledges that technology and innovation through digital transformation ‘can drive progress across all 17 SDGs’ and therefore contribute to the realisation of the 2030 Agenda.

Digital technology is tackled in the analysis of SDG 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure) where progress on mobile connectivity is highlighted given that nowadays ‘90% of people live within the rage of a 3G or higher quality mobile network’. Nonetheless, affordability still remains a challenge to access to cellular networks and is therefore regarded as one of the causes of persisting digital divide. The report also notes that high-tech manufacturing i.e., production of computers, TVs, and other communication devices is increasing across the regions except in sub-Saharan Africa where it decreased by 3.1% in comparison to the results from 2000.