Tawakkalna 2.0: Saudi Arabia’s revolutionary super app

Tawakkalna 2.0 is here to transform the way we access government services. With 31 million users, this super app simplifies access to 241 services and offers real-time updates on local and global events.

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Tawakkalna 2.0, introduced by the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA), is a revolutionary super app for Saudi Arabia, with a user base exceeding 31 million. It consolidates 241 government services into a user-friendly platform, obviating the need for physical ID checks through its digital wallet services. The app also provides real-time updates on local and global events, facilitating direct interaction between users and government and private-sector partners. This transformation from being initially a tool for managing COVID-19 to becoming a comprehensive e-governance platform led to Tawakkalna receiving the United Nations Public Service Award in 2022. It underscores Saudi Arabia’s dedication to digital transformation and a more interconnected future in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.

Why does this matter?

This marks a crucial step in modernising government services, improving citizen experiences, and driving Saudi Arabia’s journey towards a more connected and efficient future. The app’s evolution and its recognition with the UN Public Service Award in 2022 highlight its global relevance and success in providing innovative solutions.

While super apps have gained popularity in Asia, Africa, and Central America, they haven’t seen widespread adoption in North America. This is partly due to the fact that tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google were already well-established as web-based services before smartphones became ubiquitous. Although North American tech giants eventually created mobile apps, they initially limited their features to align with their original web-focused services.