The new Russian cult of war

The Russian cult of war is discussed, focusing on the shift towards conservative priorities in Russia’s war in Ukraine. This shift is driven by the idea of the ‘Russian World’ based on heritage, religion, and ethnicity, carried out by Putin’s intelligence and military members. The impact of pandemic years on national identity and ideologies globally is highlighted, with Putin drawing inspiration from conservative thinkers in Russian history like Konstantin Leontyev.

The Economist discusses the deeper motives behind Russia’s war in Ukraine: 

  • Russia’s shift away from modernization towards conservative priorities.
  • The idea of the ‘Russian World’ is based on a shared heritage, religion, and ethnicity. – The ‘Russian World’ ideology is carried out by those from the security apparatus who are members of Putin’s intelligence and military communities.
  • Putin’s contract with the Russian people’ is built around a desire for a better quality of life. It is not clear if it can be replaced by a social contract based on national feelings.
  • The global trend of an impact of pandemic years on ideology of identity and nationalism could also be observed in Russia. The impact of pandemic crises on identities and ideologies worldwide is an under-researched topic. 
  • Putin is returning to conservative thinkers in Russian history, including Konstantin Leontyev.

Source: The Economist