The USA announces broad restrictions on technological exports to Russia

In response to Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, the USA announced financial sanctions and export controls aiming to ‘choke off Russia’s import of technological goods’. The export controls aim not only to impact Russian imports of technology for the defense, aviation and maritime sectors, but also to impose restrictions on access to semiconductors, telecommunication, encryption security, lasers, and sensors. The measures will halt direct exports from the USA to Russia, and will also affect technological products that are manufactured outside the USA but use American equipment or technology (e.g. machinery, software or blueprints).

The White House estimates that ‘severe and sustained controls will cut off Russia’s access to cutting edge technology, contributing to undermine Putin’s ability to project power.’ Among analysts, views are split on the impact of the export restrictions. While some believe that the measure will have ‘a real, significant impact on these sectors of the Russian economy for many years’, others remarked that Russia ‘is not a significant direct consumer of chips or of information technology equipment.’