Twenty organisations pledge support for digital inclusion plan submitted to New Zealand government

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 20 organisations across New Zealand have undertaken the ‘Five point plan for digital inclusion: COVID-19 and beyond’ and called upon the government to espouse it. The plan pinpoints five priority areas where the government can direct its efforts and investments: (a) affordable connectivity, (b) getting devices to people who cannot afford them, (c) wrap around support for the newly connected, (d) digital skills for displaced workers and our small businesses, and (e) longer-term Internet resilience. ‘We need to ensure no one is left behind as New Zealand works to recover from COVID-19. It’s important we take a holistic approach. Now is the time to step up our digital inclusion efforts, not just as part of our national response to COVID-19, but also as a foundation for New Zealand’s economic recovery and ongoing wellbeing,’ highlighted InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter.