UK urged to swiftly pass AI regulation or risk lagging behind

UK Members of Parliament (MPs) are sounding a clear alarm, advocating for the swift enactment of a new AI law.

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UK Members of Parliament (MPs) are raising a red flag over the UK’s AI regulation leadership goals, warning that swift action is essential to avoid lagging behind the EU. A new AI law must be introduced by November, according to the Commons Technology Committee, or else the EU could surpass UK efforts in AI safety.

While the UK is gearing up to host a major global AI summit and has committed £100 million to a task force for secure AI development, MPs stress that prompt legislation is crucial. They warn that postponing this action could lead to a situation where UK regulations lag behind EU standards, similar to what occurred with data protection regulations.

The UK government has taken a pro-innovation stance on AI regulation, as outlined in a recently released white paper. While the white paper suggests potential legislation, Chancellor Rishi Sunak believes that progress can be achieved without it. The paper identifies challenges such as bias, privacy concerns, employment impacts, and copyrighted materials used in AI training. Additionally, there are concerns about misinformation and cyber threats, which the National Cyber Security Centre echoes.

Instead of creating new legislation or establishing a dedicated AI regulator, the UK government outlines the responsibility for promoting and overseeing responsible AI to existing regulators, including the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). This approach has garnered broad support from MPs.