UN digital government awards 2023 recognize innovations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

These initiatives have made it easier for entrepreneurs to start and formalize their businesses and for investors to obtain licenses in SDG-related sectors.


The UN Digital Government Awards 2023 has recognised innovative initiatives from Africa, Asia, and Latin America that have made significant progress in accelerating digital public services to support the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). These initiatives have demonstrated the power of e-government services in facilitating business and investment for inclusive development.

The award ceremony occurred during the 8th World Investment Forum on 19th October. Another significant development is the establishment of the UN Digital Government Community during the award ceremony. This community brings together governments and organizations, enabling the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology in public service innovation.

Why does it matter?

Digitalising government services is seen as a catalyst for sustainable development. The formalisation of businesses, through registration with the government, allows them to have better access to loans, create skilled jobs, and contribute to funding health and social protection systems. Additionally, channeling investments towards achieving the SDGs is crucial in bridging the annual $4 trillion funding gap developing countries face.