UNDP and KNPA forge alliance against gender-based violence in the digital world

The UNDP and KNPA collaborate to enhance police capabilities to combat digital gender-based violence, promoting global development efforts in rule of law, gender equality, and police capability.

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The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) have joined forces to address the issue of technology-enabled gender-based violence. This collaboration kicks off with the signing of a Statement of Intent and a Funding Window Agreement during the 2023 International Police Summit in Seoul. Their collective efforts aim to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in combating digital gender-based violence.

The programme to which the two bodies have formed called, ‘Police Capacity Building Support Programme for Combating Gender-based Violence in the Digital Sphere,’ aims to foster the development of policies that will increase national capacity to combat gender-based violence. The Republic of Korea is also set to become a donor alongside other contributors in the UNDP Global Programme for Rule of Law and Human Rights.

Why does it matter?

Combating gender-based violence facilitated by technology is crucial in today’s digital age. As technology advances, so do the methods and platforms through which violence is perpetrated. Addressing this issue not only safeguards the well-being and rights of women and girls but also upholds the principles of equality and human dignity. By formalizing their partnership, UNDP and KNPA demonstrate a shared commitment to harnessing technology for positive change, aiming to create a safer, more inclusive online and offline environment for all.