An updated draft service level agreement for the IANA numbering services is open for public comment

As part of the IANA stewardship transition process, the Internet Number Community (represented by the five Regional Internet Registries – RIRs) proposed to replace the current agreement between ICANN and the US government over the performance of the IANA numbering functions with a new contract – a service level agreement (SLA) between the IANA operator (ICANN) and the five RIRs. After several draft SLAs that have been prepared and revised so far, and a new revised draft has recently been published for a final public comment period. The proposed SLA outlines, among others, the role, rights and responsibilities of both the IANA operator and the RIRs with regards to the performance of the Internet numbering services, as well as a series of obligations and requirements in the area of transparency, accountability and security.