US and Singapore to deepen strategic technology partnership

Their joint efforts will encompass a broad spectrum of high-end and emerging technology domains, including AI, the digital economy, data governance, biotechnology, critical infrastructure, defence innovation, technology supply chains, and quantum information science and technology.


The United States and Singapore have committed to deepening their strategic technology partnership, to advance collaboration on AI and emerging technologies, critical infrastructure, and biotechnology. The two countries also plan to promote climate and resilient critical infrastructure, such as telecommunications networks, undersea cables, and cloud computing in the US, Singapore, and partner nations.

To achieve these goals, the US National Science Foundation and AI Singapore (AISG) will expand their collaboration through joint research and educational funding. The US and Singapore will also seek to develop a bilateral agreement to expand science and technology cooperation.

During a visit by Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister to Washington, D.C., the first US-Singapore Critical and Emerging Technology Dialogue was launched. This dialogue aims to facilitate discussions on the risks, opportunities, and national security implications of technological advancements.