US House Commerce Committee votes to reverse net neutrality repeal

The House Commerce Committee approved the ‘Save the Internet Act’, a bill that would fully reinstate the rules implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015, reversing the repeal led by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in 2017. According to The Hill, Commerce Committee Republicans tried to introduce more than a dozen amendments that would weaken the bill, such as exempting all 5G wireless services and all multi-gigabit broadband services, and preventing the FCC from limiting the types of zero-rating that ISPs can deploy. Only a Democratic amendment of an one-year exemption for ISPs with 100 000 or fewer subscribers from the transparency rules was approved by the committee. The bill will be potentially voted in the full House next week. However, it will still face long odds in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, and the opposition of President Trump.