US investigating Russian involvement with elections and exploring possible responses

The Russian-speaking hackers may have also penetrated the US election agency network after the elections, and obtained the credentials of hundred of people at the commission and access to non-public reports on flaws in voting machines, Reuters reports. Earlier, the two renown mathematicians have stated that it is likely that the very system for counting the votes in some states was hacked as well. The FBI and the CIA have agreed that Russian cyberattacks that preceded the elections aimed at helping Donald Trump to win the elections, Washington Post reports. Following up on the CIA claims, 80 members of the Electoral College have signed the Open Letter requesting the Director of the National Intelligence to make the facts related to the outside interference with the elections public. US President Obama has previously ordered a full review into the claims that Russia was behind the cyber-operations related to elections, and has reviewed possible options to respond to Russia’s hacking including using the US cyber-presence in the systems of the Russian critical systems, New York Times reports.