US-Japan ‘global partnership’ to boost cooperation in AI and semiconductors

As part of a ‘global partnership,’ the US-Japan joint statement will advocate stronger cooperation in semiconductors and AI technologies.

Two freight container with Japan and USA flag

In an upcoming and highly anticipated event, the United States and Japan are poised to unveil plans for enhanced collaboration in critical high-tech areas, including semiconductors and AI (AI). This announcement is scheduled to coincide with an official visit by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the US, hosted by President Joe Biden on 10 April. The two countries are also likely to set up a framework for AI research and development involving tech companies like Nvidia and Amazon.

Why does it matter?

The US has been on an aggressive campaign to reduce its reliance on China, halt shipments of high-tech AI chips to the second-largest economy, and prevent Beijing from obtaining cutting-edge US technology that could strengthen its military. Japan is one of the countries, along with South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands, that the Biden administration is urging to impose export restrictions on dual-use technology such as advanced chips and chipmaking equipment.

This week, Chinese authorities publicly criticised the revised US chip export rules, raising concerns over their impact on the industry and emphasizing their preference for cooperation for global semiconductor sector stability and legitimate interests.