US NIST outlines proposals for federal engagement in setting AI standards

The US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a draft plan regarding the engagement of the US government in artificial intelligence (AI) standardisation processes. In NIST’s view, the US government ‘should commit to deeper, consistent, long-term engagement in AI standards development activities to help the US to speed the pace of trustworthy AI technologies’. As such, federal agencies need more AI standards-related knowledge, leadership, and co-operation. Then, the federal government has to promote focused research on how AI trustworthiness can be incorporated within standards. Expanding public-private partnerships to develop and use AI standards is another recommendation outlined by the NIST. Lastly, the US administration should strategically engage with international parties to advance AI standards for US economic and national security needs. The plan is under public consultation until 19 July 2019.