USA releases National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies

US President Donald Trump has released a National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies outlining how the USA  will promote and protect its competitive edge in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum information science, and semiconductors. As explained in a press release, the strategy establishes priority actions to protect the country’s national security innovation base and secure the USA’s technology advantage. Some of the goals outlined in the strategy include leading the development of worldwide technology norms, standards, and governance models that reflect democratic values and interests; supporting the development of a robust national security innovation base; building strong and lasting technology partnerships with like-minded allies and partners; and ensuring that competitors do not use illicit means to acquire US intellectual property, research, development, or technologies. The strategy includes a list of critical and emerging technologies,  identified by the National Security Council to be critical or to potentially become critical to the USA’s national security advantage, including military, intelligence, and economic advantages. Examples include advanced computing, AI, autonomous systems, biotechnologies, distributed ledger technologies, human machine interfaces, quantum information science, semiconductors and microelectronics, among others.