Using the GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index to drive digital inclusion: Guidelines for policymakers

GSMA published its Mobile Connectivity Index (MCI) which outlines guidelines to policymakers on how to use the MCI to understand where to focus efforts in order to drive increased mobile internet coverage, adoption, and usage. The report, which aims to promote data-centric analysis and evidence-based decisions, investigates four case studies from Bangladesh, Benin, Pakistan, and Uganda to showcase how the MCI guidelines can be practically applied at a country level. To this aim, it further pinpoints five key guidelines which outline a systematic process for how to apply the MCI to drive digital inclusion in a country: 1) investigate: systematically review performance on the MCI, 2) benchmark: assess performance against global and regional peers, 3) prioritise: determine where to focus efforts, 4) research: find the underlying reasons for current scores, and 5) resolve: adopt policies and monitor performance.