Wales Co-op Centre’s digital inclusion programme extended by Welsh Government

The Digital Communities Wales (DCW), which is running since July 2019 by the Wales Co-operative Centre in partnership with the Good Things Foundation and Swansea University, received £6 million to continue for another three years. In line with the government’s Digital Strategy for Wales, the DCW project seeks to enable more people to become digitally confident and hence to improve their employability and social inclusion and enhance their access to health service and wellbeing. ‘Digital inclusion at its very heart is about equality – equality of opportunity and the ability to improve health and wellbeing, reducing loneliness and the feeling of isolation for thousands across Wales,’ Welsh minister for social justice, MS Jane Hutt. The DCW has contributed to training over 4,000 members of staff across 1,600 organisations to support more than 75,000 Welsh citizens to get online or improve their digital skills.