WEF: Need to both pre-empt and treat consequences children face online

The World Economic Forum emphasizes the global public safety issue of online child sexual abuse affecting 54% of internet-using children. They stress the need for proactive prevention and addressing consequences. Recommendations include holistic child safety strategies, empowerment tools for children, support from families and schools, and enforcement by authorities.

The World Economic Forum has highlighted that online child sexual abuse has become a global public safety issue. The WeProtect Global Alliance estimates that around  54% of children  who regularly used the internet were the victims of at least one online sexual harm. There is a need for both pre-empting  them and treat the consequences.  Adoption of end to end child  safety approaches was suggested. Capacity building and providing children with tools and resources to protect themselves online, providing support to young children by family, guardian and schools, the role of law enforcement were highlighted,