X agrees to comply with Brazilian court orders

Musk’s X faces scrutiny and legal challenges in Brazil as it pledges compliance with court directives, signaling a significant shift in approach.

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Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, assured Brazil’s Supreme Court of its compliance with court rulings following a recent dispute. This declaration comes after Musk challenged Justice Alexandre de Moraes’s directive to block specific accounts in Brazil. In a letter to Moraes last week, X’s Brazilian unit stated its inability to control the parent company’s adherence to Brazilian court orders.

However, X’s lawyers reiterated the platform’s commitment to fully comply with orders from the Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil. This marks a significant shift from Musk’s earlier stance, where he vowed to reverse restrictions imposed by Moraes, citing constitutional concerns and urging the justice to resign.

Moraes responded by launching an inquiry into Musk for obstruction of justice amidst investigations into digital militias accused of spreading fake news during Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency. Additionally, Moraes leads an inquiry into an alleged coup attempt by Bolsonaro. X, facing further scrutiny, disclosed being subpoenaed by the US House Judiciary Committee for information on Brazilian Supreme Court directives regarding content moderation. The platform’s lawyers assured Moraes of cooperation, indicating compliance with the committee’s request and commitment to informing him of developments.