YouTube shares five core principles aiming to ensure child safety online

YouTube shares five core principles aiming to ensure child safety online. These include: privacy protection, parental controls, age-appropriate content, ensuring developmental needs, and technology integration.

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YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan shared YouTube’s new five core principles aiming to create a secure digital environment for children and teenagers.

First, extra safeguards are in place to promote privacy, safety, mental health, and general well-being, with regulations specifically prohibiting cyberbullying and child sexual abuse content. Second, YouTube acknowledges the importance of parents in establishing online limits and will strengthen family supervision models. Third, emphasizing child development, digital learning, and citizenship, the platform provides free access to age-appropriate, engaging information suited to individual interests and requirements. Fourth, policies will be tailored to the various developmental phases of children and teens, including elements such as ‘take a break’ reminders. Finally, YouTube welcomes new technology while providing necessary protections, such as prosperity restrictions and automatic learning tools. These principles form the foundation of YouTube’s efforts to provide young users with a safe and positive online experience.