Report; Are organizations focusing on digital accessibility?

Workers with disability were among the hardest hit during the pandemic, and now millions of  these workers face a living standards emergency – with lower pay than their non-disabled peers, but higher energy and transport costs.

With an estimated 1.3 Billion Persons with disability globally, let’s focus on the workplace power and potential being harnessed from this statistic when looked at as an under-tapped talent pool. 

According to the Valuable 500 report , 54% of companies have an active disability inclusion accessibility policy.

The research reveals encouraging progress towards disability inclusion across  business processes, from recruitment to advertising, with 81% of respondents declaring an improvement on their pre-pandemic disability strategies.

A consideration of disability is now central to many recruitment processes, to improve Persons with disability representation and foster an inclusive work ethos from the offset. 65%  of respondents report adjusting their interview process, whilst 74% advertise as an inclusive employer, and 62% explicitly encourage applications from Persons with disabilities.