SmartWatch sues Verizon for alleged wearable tech patent infringement

SmartWatch sues Verizon, alleging patent infringement in a Texas court. Their US Patent No. 10,362,480 is at the heart of the matter, involving secure electronic access for wearables.

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SmartWatch has initiated legal action against Verizon, alleging that they have infringed upon U.S. Patent No. 10,362,480, which relates to wearable devices accessing secure electronic systems. The lawsuit was filed in a Texas court and did not specify the particular products in question. However, an accompanying exhibit pointed out the similarities between Verizon’s Wear24 smartwatch and the patented technology.

This is part of a broader trend where non-operating patent holders have previously taken legal action against smartwatch manufacturers for infringement. Wrist SP BioTech LLC, previously known as WristDocs LLC, has also accused prominent smartwatch makers of breaching their biotelemetry system patent. Likewise, Verizon encountered a patent lawsuit in 2023 concerning wireless network technology, although not all such cases have been successful.

Apple and Google have faced similar lawsuits for patent infringement concerning their smartwatch offerings, with WristDocs LLC filing federal complaints asserting that Apple Watch and Google’s Fitbit violate their biotelemetry system patent.